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tantric massage tenerife

The most sensual, intimate and enjoyable tantric massage you could ever have, taking both your body and mind to the limits of pleasure. Your fully trained sensual masseuse, removes her robe to allow you enjoy the whole Tantric Massage experience. Your personal masseuse will ensure your body is fully relaxed using her hands and body in the most intimate and sensual Tantric Massage possible in Tenerife, before raising the tempo, and bringing you to the heights of pleasure.

Kundalini Tantric Massage salon in Las Americas Tenerife South is open from Monday to Sunday, but only by appointment, ensuring you are not disturbed while enjoying your own massage. The studio is fully equipped with showers, massage table and futons ensuring the the intimate atmosphere for your Tantric Massage.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a complete feeling of well being during and after your Tantric massage? It really is the art of Tantric Massage, and all our therapists are fully trained to watch for the signs of your enjoyment and excitement, and use these to heighten your senses.

Kundalini Tantric Massage Tenerife

A note to our gentlemen, we do not offer sex, please respect our ladies by not requesting more than our specialist erotic massages, there are many to choose from, and you will leave us with that inner sense of satisfaction, relaxation and well being. thank you.
Body to Body massage

Tantric Massage Menu

Kundalini Massages offer massages for your every need. Details of all our massages are here, however should you have and individual requirement, let us know, it could be fun!

Early Morning Special Massage

For those on a tight schedule in Tenerife  we offer a full 30 minute special massage for 50. Special offer is valid for massages starting between 10:00 to 13:00 only Specials details here.

Ladies Yoni Massage

Ladies, welcome to the only salon in the south of Tenerife to specialise in giving Tantric and Yoni Massage by Girls and Boys. All of our Masseuses and Masseurs have undertaken extensive Yoni Massage training.
Kundalini have specialised in a Yoni sensual massage that will raise your inner self worth and physical satisfaction guided by your own masseuse or masseur. Kundalini set a safe warm tender environment or you to enjoy your massage

Ladies Special Offers

Welcome Ladies to Kundalini, to the intimate sensual sexual atmosphere of the "Kundalini" massage. We are pleased to offer you, on your second visit to Kundalini a discount of 50% You can bring a friend along and they will enjoy a discount too. This is such an important part of your well being both mentally and physically, a new and totally new experience in your life.

Men bring a friend for a Tantric Massage

If you bring a friend who also has a normal priced Tantric Massage we will discount your massage by 50% on your next visit for a full price massage to Kundalini You are welcomed to a no rush and relaxed atmosphere, where our only objective is your ultimate and intimate inner pleasure and relaxation of body and mind.
Our Ladies and Gentlemen know just how to relax you mentally and physically locating that sensual area, that inner pleasure area, and then send your mind into heaven.

Couples Tantric Massage

Those couples wishing to experience the most sensual couples massage possible, either with each other in the room, or separate rooms with one two or even three of our masseuses attending to you, this has to be the ultimate.

So many times we are asked if both partners can be massaged in the same room together, or if the masseuses can massage just one of the partners while the other either watches or caresses the other. We would just like you to know, all is possible. All you need is to discuss with us beforehand what you desire, believe us, we adapt willingly to most variations.

Body to Body Massage

We are also delighted to offer our most popular variation of Tantric Massage, a body to body massage by a young and sensual masseuse. Our ladies offer you the sensuality of a unique body to body massage, taking your body and mind to that erotic place in your imagination.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a Kundalini body to body massage, the best Tantric Massage in Tenerife, your imagination of a body to body massage is completely realised here at Kundalini.

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