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Malcolm from England  left this comment on our website. Mixed Tantric Massage I've never had a Tantric massage before but knew a little about it so was interested in trying one. My impression was that it would be relaxing and stimulating at the same time which was an intriguing combination but I didn't really know what to expect so when I made my booking it was with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. in fact, it surpassed all my hopes by a significant margin. Yes it was relaxing and it was erotically stimulating but more than that my masseur, Eva, was incredibly caring and loving (which I know is a strange thing to say about someone who was meeting me for the first time but is the only way that I can accurately describe it)! I don't know if this is common to tantric massage or if Eva is just an extraordinary exponent of her craft but this was a truly wonderful and lovely relaxing, sensual experience! Thank you Eva.

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