VIP Massage for Couples
Those couples wishing to experience the most sensual massage possible, either with each other in the room, or separate rooms with one two or even three of our masseuses attending to you, this has to be the ultimate.

So many times we are asked if both partners can be massaged in the same room together, or if the masseuses can massage just one of the partners while the other either watches or caresses the other, we just would like you to know, all is possible. All you need is to discuss with us beforehand what you desire, believe us, we adapt willingly to most variations.

We will adapt our massage to your desires and needs, you can even choose to watch as our masseuses massage your partner, see the pleasure build in your partners body and face, join in the massage at any time.

You can enjoy either one girl, two girls, or one girl and one boy massage you both, only you make the important decisions as to who massages who, great fun.

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