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Yoni Massage (Ladies G-Spot Massage)
Ladies, this is such an important part of your wellbeing both mentally and physically, Kundalini have specialised in a sensual massage that will raise your self worth and physical satisfaction by your own masseuse who knows just how to locate that sensual area, that inner pleasure area, and then send your mind to heaven.

You will have a meeting of minds and receive an all-over body massage to soothe your mind, body and spirit. Sensually working on you whole body we will expertly massage your body especially including your most intimate areas.  Beautiful, natural and peaceful, life doesn’t get much better than this! Yoni Massage leads to high state of sexual arousal and takes you to stronger orgasms and the heights of pleasure.

vagina massage tenerife Massage 60-90 minutes


Introductory Yoni Massage  40 minutes


yoni massage tenerife
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massage tenerife

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