Tantric Massage Tenerife Kundalini Sensual Intimate Erotic

Kundalini Massage Tenerife offers a very special and unique service. You are perhaps familiar with traditional intimate erotic services, however Kundalini in the South of Tenerife we await with your Tantric awakening, satisfying both your physical well being and intimate desires, sensually concentrating your physical senses being satisfied.
Kundalini established in 2010 is currently the top voted Best Salon in Tenerife by "Relax" the independent online health portal.

See the many positive reviews on our Client Comments in the Erotic massage Tenerife section. Our aim is to take your tired body and using our skills to refresh it with our magic hands and body through the skilled movements of our ladies.

Much has been written about erotic massage without addressing the fundamentals of Tantric Massage which is importantly about mending broken or bruised minds, and therapy moves directly to mending the body, which without first addressing the mind can be short lived. Kundalini find that this effort has massive benefits for our clients and that a traditional massage alone really only helps on a superficial level.

At Kundalini in Tenerife, we know how to detect when the body and mind are out of balance. Your initial therapy concentrates on mending your mind, and then we move to releasing the pent up energies of the body for a longer term and stronger satisfaction.

It is also possible enjoy a shower with your Masseuse and enjoy this unique erotic sensation with the assistance of your therapist. Kundalini only offer our specialist erotic massages. You only need to decide on if your erotic shower is with or without your Masseuse assistance. Please respect your Masseuse by not requesting more than our intimate sensual meeting of minds and bodies just our sensual experiences arising from a Kundalini tantric massage. 

The most sensual intimate and enjoyable tantric massage you could ever enjoy

Allow Us girls to take your body and mind to the limits of pleasure. Your sensual Masseuse, removes her robe to allow you enjoy the whole erotic event.

Your sensual experience of Tantric massage Tenerife will leaves you with a complete inner feeling of well being. It is the art of realising your intimate experience, through massage. Our therapists train to watch for signs of your enjoyment and excitement, and use these to heighten your senses.

Your Masseuse will talk you through your erotic expectations to ensures you are fully relaxed. she uses her hands and body in an intimate and sensual way as part of your experience she then raises the tempo, taking you to the heights of pleasure and a happy ending to your tantric massage.

Tenerife Kundalini, do not offer anything other than our erotic massage Tenerife. Once you have selected from our menu that's it, there are no further decisions to make and no awkward moments. You only need to decide if your erotic shower is with or without your Masseuse.

For our ladies and couple, what a wonderful environment to learn the art of inner relaxation, an intimate non pushy loving salon, where our ladies know just how to treat a lady. For our ladies and couples, what a wonderful environment to learn the art of inner relaxation, an intimate non pushy respectful atmosphere, in a relaxing salon, where our ladies know just how to treat a lady. From the moment you contact us we know that we must create an extra special atmosphere where you feel relaxed and comfortable that we will not cross your boundaries in any way, and be guided by you.