Couples Sensual Erotic Massage | Kundalini Tenerife

You and your partner after perhaps years of being in a relationship, have been together and know each others mind and body well, and now seek to expand that intimate knowledge, its perhaps time to experiment with some further form of intimacy, We want you to be able to focus your sexual energies. Modern couples now love to experiment with some further form of intimacy, but, understandably, some are afraid of new experiences.

Kundalini offers you a safe haven in which to experience a joint awakening with your lover by watching each other being caressed and massaged simultaneously. Kundalini Couples massage is a pure symphony of imagination and voyeurism, watching four hands massage you and your partner, or 4 hands solely on you. You and your partner have talked about a Couples Sensual erotic Massage we are sure. Kundalini offers our couple clients the massage of a lifetime. Erotic Massage for couples will have your anticipation levels set to maximum prior to your erotic couples massage.

We can adapt our techniques with massages either with each person observing in the same room, or separate rooms with one two or even three of our masseuses attending to you both, the ultimate. All you need is your imagination and agreement as a couple beforehand to what your erotic desires should satisfy. Firstly you must discuss and agree what combination you would like to attend you, it may be either two girls, or one girl and one boy to massage you as a couple. You should agree a plan on how you would like your couples erotic massage to unfold. Allow the girls and boys of Kundalini to turn those dreams into a reality Those couples who are adventurous and want to share and expand their horizons are invited to the sensual Couples Massage.

We are often asked if both partners can have their massage in the same room together, or if the masseuses can massage just one of the partners while the other either watches or caresses each other, we just would like you to know, all is possible.

couple massage
We can adapt your massage to your desires and needs, watch if you like and look into the eyes of your partner, then when you are ready join in the massage at any time. Only you make the important decisions as to who massages who, its mix and match, always great fun. Believe us, we can adapt to satisfy and awaken your wildest desires and expectations

Couple Massage of 60 minutes   €280


Couple Massage of 90 minutes   €320