Happy Ending massage Tenerife

Happy End massage is a much used term in the health and therapy arenas and explained.

Who can enjoy a happy end massage?

Firstly, the term happy ending massage applies equally to both men and women, it  is not a male preserve. Kundalini are finding girls  are now able to express their innermost thoughts and feelings on the futon in a non threatening safe environment.

Girls are finding that in today's society its not only sensuous but actively encouraged for girls too, to have some contact that addresses and relaxes both the physical and mental health of the Client

What is a happy ending massage

There are many techniques in massage. Kundalini ensures that as the massage progresses and as the Client becomes more relaxed and sexually stimulated, the massage can end with the Client physically climaxing (but not in every case). The mental release of being able to be comfortable with a Masseur or Masseuse gradually taking over your mind and body. This mental release manifests itself in many enjoyable ways

The myths revealed

So let us explode one myth, yes although the massage involves very intimate sensuous bodily contact,  there is no penetrative sex involved in any way. I'm sure you realise that our own level of sexual awareness rises too during the massage,  however as I am sure you will understand our Masseuses and Masseurs do not offer the ultimate pleasure of sex just a physical, sensual  and mental release of pent up tensions through massage.
Kundalini Ladies and Gentlemen do find that going into a massage with expectations clearly set out. We wish to ensure the more reticent of Clients either girl or boy are mentally prepared and relaxed for the massage. There are no pressures on them at all from outside influences.

The End

So when you cannot stand the tension any more, and when your sexual awareness has reached a peak, we will help you releasing your sexual and mental feelings with a physical climax.
It does not end there, we are aware especially for our ladies that there is a long physical relaxation feeling of wellbeing that follows a climax. We ensure we are with you on this final part of your journey while you complete your relaxation. As you drift down from that wonderful sensual climax, we are with you on that journey to the real world.
Perhaps a repeat Climax?

Finally, We all have different needs, and Kundalini should you have selected double erotic from the menu we would be delighted to offer a second climax end after your happy ending massage should you wish.