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erotic massage kundalini tenerife
The most sensual, intimate and enjoyable tantric massage you could ever enjoy.
Tantric massage Tenerife Kundalini massages take your body and mind to the limits of pleasure. Your sensual Masseuse, removes her robe to allow you enjoy the whole erotic Tantric massage experience.
Have you ever wondered why you feel such a complete well being after your sensual Tantric massage in Kundalini,  Tenerife South? It is the art of Kundalini intimate erotic massage. All our therapists train to watch for signs of your enjoyment and excitement, and use these to heighten your senses.
Kundalini is in Playa de Las Americas Tenerife South. Kundalini is open from Monday to Sunday, by appointment. Make an appointment for your erotic tantric massage to ensure you are not disturbed while enjoying your own sensual and erotic experience. The salon is fully equipped with showers, massage tables and futons. Private rooms ensure the intimate atmosphere for your total experience.
Your Masseuse ensures your body is fully relaxed. She uses her hands and body in an intimate and sensual way. She then raises the tempo, taking you to the heights of pleasure.

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Sensual Massage Tenerife

Your Kundalini experience where a sensual an erotic body explosion makes you wonder why this is your first time. a totally interactive erotic experience that allows the client to reach extreme and ultimate  relaxation.

A unique treatment for people with special sensitivity and awakens your senses to enjoy touch and new sensations with hot oils applied by the masseuse. Be guided, be encouraged, be immersed in a Kundalini erotic sensual experience.

Gentlemen please note


Special Offer Erotic Shower

At Kundalini Massage Tenerife, gentlemen please note we do not offer sex. Please respect your Masseuse by not requesting more than our specialist sensual erotic tantric massage experiences.   We know our guests like to take a shower before and after a massage, so Kundalini Tenerife  would like to make your shower intimate too, and Kundalini invites you to an erotic shower with your chosen Masseuse for only €30.
There are many intimate tantric variations to choose from, we are convinced you will find one to suit you. Kundalini Tenerife ensures that you will leave us with that inner sense of satisfaction, relaxation and well being that tantric massage in the hands of our expert masseuses and masseur's can give.   Yes you can enjoy the shower with your Masseuse and enjoy this unique erotic sensation with the assistance of your Masseuse for only €30.

Ladies Special Massage

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Kundalini Girls and well aware that they must create a totally different atmosphere for both our Ladies and Couples Massages. For our Lady Clients we create a feeling of well bring. relaxation, and ensure our ladies can firstly relax the mind, as girls we know this is a prerequisite before any physical contact is made. Creation of the spotless Massage Centre being the first impression you will have of Kundalini. The massage rooms themselves bathed in soft lighting and relaxing music ensure your senses are  energised. We all drink in the atmosphere at a different pace. however Kundalini has a no-rush policy, we prefer that you to set the pace of your massage every time, not us. If you leave a comment for all our Clients to read on our Facebook page about your last visit to Kundalini, we offer you 15 minutes extra time next time you visit us absolutely FREE.
We firmly believe that our Clients satisfaction is our best form of advertising, so just tell us the date of your FaceBook post when you make your next appointment.
  Our offer is open for 7 days from our re-opening date however does not apply to our early morning special
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