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Thank you, we really do read and appreciate your comments. If you include the name of your masseuse, we can ensure he/she responds personally.
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France Feedback to Eva 04/11/2022
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Thank you for your kindness and consciousness. You gave me exactly what I needed. You opened a new door in my life. Be blessed.

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Thank you for being kind and considerate during your massage, we enjoyed your company on a spiritual level too


England Relaxing Massage 03/08/2022
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Thank you for the massage yesterday, you put me at ease straightaway which led to a very enjoyable experience. I hope to return one day in the not too distant future

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Peter, relaxing fun is a big part of the Kundalini experience, you are always welcome back. Eva


United Kingdom Massage 03/01/2022
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

So much more than I expected. This is a genuinely sensual and almost spiritual experience as well erotic. I don’t really know how to describe it because it is not sex as people understand it. Eva was kind and considerate and expert with her body. Everyone should experience this before they die. Only read the descriptions carefully so you know exactly what to ask for to avoid confusion.

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Ian you are a very well-mannered pleasant gentleman, our doors are always open for you, and we are so pleased that you enjoyed your stay with Eva. Also thank you for taking the time to feed back to us your lovely review. I remember you so well, hugs Eva


Belgium A MUST GO FOR COUPLES !. 12/11/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

A very warm welcome by LIsa and Eva , they make you feel , soft and tender massage with there soft and tender body , A must for couples ! Thank you ladys ! Next year we wil be back , We love you !

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

We were absolutely delighted to meet such a relaxed wonderful couple, we do so hope to see you both back with Kundalini soon. Thank you for your lovely comments, we hope and felt all your expectations were met in a tender and loving environment. Kisses Eva and Lisa


United Kingdom Eva 12/11/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

What a fabulous hour spent with Eva, just wow! Booked early on my holiday and will book before again I leave for sure, try it, you'll like it ;-

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Allan thank you for your visit and also for taking the time to comment in out guestbook. Allan you are a gentleman and always welcome at Kundalini. Kiss Eva.


United Kingdom New Salon -- Res. Oro Verde Fanabe 07/08/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Thanks for an amazing massage what a fantastic relaxing and sensual experience, it started with a warm welcome i received from the moment I walked in, it makes you relax immediately ,the massage rooms are tasteful with a shower in the room .Quite easy to find the salon and very discrete entrance.

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:



London New Kundalini Magic 02/03/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Thank you beautiful Sadie for a truly magical experience. Your careful attention exceeded all my expectations. I hope to visit again. I highly recommend Kundalini; just surrender yourself to the ladies care and you will not be disappointed. Take care. W

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

William thankyou for your kind comments. The new Kundalini salon will always welcome you. Please don't forget we are now open from 10:00 and will always try to extend opening times for regular Clients.


Kundalini loyal Clients NEW SALON OPEN 14/01/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

To all our loyal clients. We have moved to Res Oro Verde and every day we do a little more to make it as comfortable as the old salon. During these difficult times we are of course taking special precautions to make you and us safe. Beleive us when we say your massage is still fun. So come see us again

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

WhatsApp us for exact location


England Body massage Kundalini Tenerife 12/01/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Enjoyed a wonderful hour with Eva, a lovely petite lady.

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Hi Richard, enjoyed our massage so so much, a meeting of minds, what a lovely man you are, and for sharing your thoughts with me, please, please come back soon. Thank you for being you. kiss Eva


Scotland Eva 04/01/2021
Client  comment / Cliente comentario:

Had a fantastic massage with Eva last week which left me so relaxed. A wonderful experience and I will definitely return again xx

Kundalini comment / Kundalini comentario:

Hi Colin, so happy my body to body massage was so relaxing for you too. Thats what we try to acheive and Great fun. kiss Eva xx