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Massage Lingam Kundalini Tenerife

Kundalini Massage Playa de las Americas, offer a relaxing and sexy massage where your masseuse uses her hands to stimulate and awaken your senses with your massage, as she gradually learns exactly what excites you, and then uses this knowledge to release the tensions in the most enjoyable way, no rush, we will know when you feel the time is right for the ultimate pleasure your masseuse can give you. This massage concentrates exclusively on the front of the client.

Massage Duration: 50 minutes 90
Massage Duration: 30 minutes 70
Morning Special Lingam Massage 50
For those on a tight schedule in the morning Tantric Massage Tenerife offers the Early Morning full 30 minute special Tantric erotic Lingam massage Tenerife for 50.

This Special offer is valid for massages starting between 10:00 to 13:00 only. Special massage details are on our Specials page

Have you ever wondered why you feel such a complete well being after your sensual Tantric massage?

It is the art of the Kundalini intimate experience. All our therapists train to watch for signs of your enjoyment and excitement, and use these to heighten your senses.

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