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Massage Tenerife

Massage Lingam

Massage Tenerife offer a relaxing and sexy massage where your masseuse uses her hands to stimulate and awaken your senses as she gradually learns exactly what excites you, and then uses this knowledge to release the tensions in the most enjoyable Massage Tenerife Kundalini special way, no hurry or rush, we will know when you feel the time is right for the ultimate pleasure your masseuse can give you. This Tenerife massage concentrates exclusively on the front of the client.
Massage Duration: 30 minutes Early Special from 10:00-13:00 50
Massage Duration: 30 minutes 70
Massage Duration: 50 minutes 90

Tantric Massage

Kundalini Tantric Massage in Playa de Las Americas Tenerife brings together both body and mind, and takes you to an intense mental and physical level where you are lifted into an intimate and state of ecstasy.

Your Tantric masseuse knows precisely how to take body and mind to the ultimate sexual experience using her hand and body to touch every part of your body, and then release in one intimate moment all tensions, and then bring you slowly down to a relaxed state of wellbeing

tantric massage tenerife
Massage Duration: 60 minutes Semi Nude 100
Massage Duration: 60 minutes Nude 110
Massage Duration: 90 minutes Nude 140

4 Hand two girl Massage

Waiting to attend you for you Massage Tenerife are the most beautiful, sensual, highly experienced international Tantric masseuses.

Look deeply into her eyes while intimate  erotic hands caress your body in the most intimate places taking your mind to heaven, their hands and bodies are always exciting you.

Close your eyes while the girls submit you to a full tantric massage experience, bringing you to a relaxed end.


two girl massage tenerife
Massage Duration: 60 minutes minimum 220
Massage Duration: 90 minutes minimum 280

Couples Massage

Those couple wishing to experience the most sensual Tenerife massage possible with each other in the room, with one two or even three of our masseuses attending to you, this has to be the ultimate. We will adapt our massage to your desires and needs, you can choose to watch as our masseuses massage your partner, see the pleasure build in your partners body and face, and you can join in the massage at any time.

Massage Duration: 60 minutes from only 280 per couple
Massage Duration:90 minutes from only €320 per couple

Body to Body Massage

Sometimes using your imagination can best describe our services. So imagine this.

A full body erotic experience where your totally nude masseuse rarely uses her hands in the massage but only her body, and touches each and every part of yours. Your Tantric Massage Kundalini, expert masseuses will gently and completely massage you using warm oils to cushion the body to body contact , as your masseuse slides her body over yours.

Yoni Massage Tenerife
Massage Duration: 60 minutes from only €140
Massage Duration: 90 minutes from only €180

Prostate Massage

Sometimes called the “male g-spot”, the prostate massage can become a very intimate and pleasurable part of your experience at Kundalini, and reach that area to enhance your pleasure. Your Kundalini expert masseuse will gently and completely lubricate you with warm oils, and start to massage you firstly by slowly using her hands to connect with your g spot.

There are many different techniques used to ensure your sexual arousal level is heightened, and if you enjoy the prostate massage, your masseuse will have available massage toys, but always being guided by you to increase your pleasure level to take you to a shattering orgasm.

Massage Duration: 50 minutes Semi Nude From only €100
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