Massage Prices at Kundalini

All our massages are individually priced on the appropriate website page.

We are asked many times if there are discounts on our published prices. However Kundalini prices already better then competitive, ensure value for money, as we are the top salon in Playa de Las Americas, and have been here since 2010. no increase in our pre-pandemic shutdown. We have maintained our value for money massage prices.

Conveniently situated in  the tourist area, We are in  the centre of Playa de Las Americas.

Kundalini Salon does not require a 17Km 30 minute road trip by car or bus up the coast like other Salons, we are here, waiting for you in Playa de las Americas, you do not need to add additional time into your day for travelling.


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We are mindful that some enjoy a early morning so we do have one special massage price for these clients. This is our only discount.  Apart from the "Early morning" massage which is discounted all our prices are on the website and clearly shown on  the massage pages.  
Our aim is to make you feel comfortable before you even contact us, and answer a few questions you may have already, so we are sometimes asked if there are any "extras" available at additional cost, please respect our ladies by not requesting more than our specialist erotic massages, thank you
The Kundalini Tantric Massage Tenerife centre is in Complex Oro Verde in the centre of Playa de Las Americas is what men dream of, the ultimate and intimate salon for a sensual massage. Every massage room is tastefully decorated to set the scene.

Candles and soft lighting sets the scene. It is spotlessly clean and hygienic. So when you are making your choice please do read the many complimentary reviews on the website and importantly Google reviews for your value for money selection of Kundalini, the preferred  choice of visitors and residents