Prostate Massage Tenerife

Sometimes called the “male g-spot”.
Gentlemen's Prostate massage Kundalini Playa de Las Americas can become a very intimate, intense and pleasurable part of your massage, and reach that special area to enhance your pleasure. Your Kundalini expert masseuses will gently and completely lubricate you with warm oils, and start to massage you by slowly using her hands to connect with your g spot.
Prostate massage tenerife

There are many different techniques used in a Prostate massage to ensure your sexual arousal level is heightened, and if you enjoy the prostate massage, your masseuse will have available many ways to enhance Prostate arousal, but always being guided by you to increase your pleasure level to take you to a shattering orgasm.

The Gentleman's prostate massage can give exceptional pleasure, and the masseuse is very careful to lubricate and only use the amount of pressure that is enjoyable to the Client, and never enough to cause pain.
Prostate Massage Duration: 50 minutes. Semi Nude €100