Tantric Massage Tenerife

Its only in the last thirty years that Tantric became established in Tenerife. We are sure you have heard of tantric massage, and perhaps wondered why it is so different.

A tantric massage starts where traditional massage comes to an end. However it focuses on removing physical, sexual and emotional reservations you may have and focuses your sexual energy, the crucial part of these massages. Tantric Massage allows you to regain full control over your sexuality.

Tantric girls
In turn this can improve your relationships and other elements in your life. Tantric Massage can help you achieve amazing orgasms, but there is more to it than just that.
Tantric Massage is definitely the most intimate form of any aspect of massage therapy, involving a high degree of body-to-body contact. Sometimes even couples get these massages together from a professional masseuse as a way of improving their intimacy.

Tantric sensual massage

Tantric massage gathered momentum as part of sensual massage, usually associated with genital manipulation culminating is an unusually strong orgasm. Kundalini Tantric Massage in Las Americas brings together both body and mind. Tantric Massage Tenerife  takes you to an intense mental and physical level where you are lifted into an intimate and state of expectancy, taking you to the ultimate peak of sexual arousal. Various exercises designed to awaken sexuality plays a very important part.

Men have seen such a development in the strength of their orgasm, where before they did not think of a repeat, they can now immediately orgasm again within a very short time. You may enjoy our double erotic, where you reach the peak of arousal twice in a session.
Your masseuse knows precisely how to take body and mind to the ultimate sexual experience of a Tantric Massage Tenerife using her hand and body to touch every part of your body, and then release in one intimate moment all tensions, and then bring you slowly down to a relaxed state of wellbeing.
Your Tantric Massage lasts 60 minutes but can last up to 90 minutes
Semi-nude €100
Nude €110
Double Erotic semi-nude €150

Double Erotic nude