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  Kundalini is searching for the right girls  
  Firstly a little about Tantric, the myths explored. Tantric Massage is not about sex, we do not allow clients to request or our ladies to provide sex. Tantric is about relaxation, a meeting of minds and concentration of energies, which heightens body and mind experience. With training the Masseuse can constantly assess the clients emotional and physical well being. Please look at our Guestbook. These a real experiences from clients.

Yes our massages our carried out in the traditional tantric way, and our ladies are usually semi or nude as is the client, for a traditional tantric massage.

So what can Kundalini Massage Salons offer you

Firstly a comfortable working environment near to the centre of Las Americas, discrete entrance. The salon offers a high level of discretion and hygiene to clients and staff.

We have three independent massage suites each with showering facilities, so it is unlikely there are clients or masseuses waiting for facilities. We ensure total discretion, our clients never meet while inside Kundalini

Within a work pattern, we can offer masseuses their chosen work hours to suit you. So if you have family commitments during the day we can be flexible. We expect this flexibility from you too.

Kundalini offers full training from one or more of our existing certified masseuses and you are able to practice before you attend a client, either of a staff member or with another masseuse helping you with the massage.

We are very discrete and all photos are agreed before appearing on the website, its nice for our clients and for your individual clients if they can see you before booking a particular lady. Any distinguishing feature and facial areas are obscured (tattoos, features and face)

Regular Payments. Kundalini and Masseuses agree a payment plan prior to starting and we will pay you regularly, that's a promise.

So what can you offer Kundalini Massage Salon

Ideally you will speak Spanish or English and we will help you with other languages.

You will with training be able to learn and practice professional Kundalini Tantric Massage, with other masseuses or individually. Your open minded approach is transferred to our clients during the massage, so a friendly disposition is essential, a smile helps too!

You should be at least 18 years and very importantly with a caring and understanding disposition. Our clients are so important to us, and part of our service is creating a joint experience of  sensuality and pleasure to our clients.

You can see photos of our existing masseuses, this shows the type of lady we are looking for. You can see all of our ladies on the website. You can then ask yourself, could this be me?

If this is you, we offer a Salon of exceptional facilities to work in, excellent income, and only top class clients. Irene the Director of Kundalini is waiting for your phone call or email, so please fill in the form, or phone to speak to Irene.

693 979 153


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